Music Is Good For You

We have been told from all sorts of different sources for years and years, music, the playing of the listening to, the being involved in music is good for you.

Music can change for the better the way in which the brain functions.  For example: memory. Think of the octogenarian rock star who still knows every word of every song they ever performed.

Or consider the concert musician or opera singer. Pulling together a performance of the level of mastery that gets someone on stage playing a piano concerto or singing the role of Tosca is a prodigious feat of memory.

Not surprisingly, it makes sense to start music lessons Boston when young. The young brain doesn’t really recognize music as being anything especially complex, and can add it in along with all the other things that are being absorbed daily. Taking it up later is a much more difficult thing, although offset by the determination to do it, maybe?

What are the advantages?

We have already mentioned memory, but in addition there is a level of logic and progression. Music is as complex as any other art in the ways in which it can convey meaning. Until you learn about it, all you know is that this is a sad piece. It makes you teary. But then you learn it is in a minor key and that is why it’s not chipper. Music is evocative, just like the sense of smell – music can place you in a time and a place in a heartbeat.

music lessons Boston

Music comes in so many different forms and types, different cultures prefer another aural treatment. East and West have trouble interchanging making it hard to listen to sometimes. But no matter, in the end, the rhythm is going to get you.