About Us

The Hartford Childhood Wellness Alliance (HCWA) is a working collaboration among community organizations, schools, early childhood education and daycare centers, as well as local and regional government.

HCWA includes advocacy groups, health care centers and practitioners, researchers in public health and the social sciences, and community members aimed at preventing and decreasing childhood obesity in Hartford and improving the overall health of its children and families.

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To provide a structure through which organizations can join forces in the common interest of creating healthy environments for children and families, and to foster the coordination and integration of efforts in the community to prevent childhood obesity.

A community in which organizations interested in preventing childhood obesity collaborate to create a synergy between programs, agendas, and initiatives.


Health: We believe all children and families in Hartford should experience optimal physical, mental, and emotional health and wellness.

Community: We celebrate neighborhood cultures and the capacity for positive change through collaborative efforts

Wisdom: Our initiatives are informed by evidenced-based programs and the expertise of our partners, follow best practices in the field, and are lead by passionate professionals.

Achievement: We are committed to making progress towards ensuring that all children and families in Hartford reach their potential through healthy lifestyles.


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